My favourite Thai nicknames

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Eric from San Diego, California became an ordained Buddhist monk in Bangkok. He was fascinated by tje Thai playful use of nicknames. He chose the nickname Phra MaPraw. It translates as Monk Coconut.

Monk Coconut takes first prize in nicknames.

Runner-up is Muu Muu (Pig Pig), a Thai filmmaker friend.

In third place is a 14 year old Thai boy whose chuu len (nickname) is M.

Fourth  place goes to a Thai woman who recently graduated from university. Her chuu len is Beer. When asked how that came about she told me her mother met her father at a karaoke palace. They became lovers, beer buddies and married. When she became pregnant, no more beer.

When baby was born mom and dad celebrated by drinking beer. It occurred to them to name the baby–that’s right.

Fifth place goes to my publisher of Thai Touch. Her first name is Benjawan. Her chuu len (nickname) is Ja-eh. “Peek-A-Boo.”

Let me know your favorites nicknames.

  1. Cittasamvaro says:

    Thais find the name ‘Dawson’ funny – it meams ‘short dick’ in Thai

    • panisala says:

      Yes and we have so many funny names in Japanese and Korean too. E.g. Tomito Kushoda (Don’t care what my size is, I just want to show it off), Yong yong Chee (to squat down and have a pee),

    • No kidding? Dawson means ‘short dick’ in Thai. Hilarious.

      • panisala says:

        Yes, Dawson is a popular one. It was made nationally famous by the film Titanic as Di Capiro played the main character whose name was ‘Jack Dawson’. Every thai just found it super hilarious. Another one is a well known action star ‘Sean Claude Van Dam’. You have find the meaning of ‘Sean Claude’ when a Thai reads it. This is going to be hysterical. 5555

  2. After viewing the above from Panisala, a Thai doll, she was coaxed into providing the translation for “sean claude”:

    PUSSY or VAGINA. Now Bangkokwriter understands why Thai people found the expression hilarious.

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