Charles Manson’s blood letters–dueling with the devil

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

(NOTE: Below is a small sample of Manson’s 92 letters to me. As mentioned under the BOOKS section. I was Manson’s confidant and nemesis during our stormy relationship. I interviewed him in the Vacaville Prison nuthouse when there was smooth sailing in our relationship.


On numerous occasions he wrote, “”Dont print what is confidential.’  See my comment below on his request.

What intrigued me most about him was how he tapped into the mind of a Native American shaman in a tribe outside Bend, Oregon. The shaman used a ritual to free his tribe members from guilt; he got them to tell him their shame and secrets. When that was done he ate their secrets, thus freeing them. Manson did the same to his tribe members. By freeing them, they expressed their gratitude by willing to do anything for the master con man.

The book was first runner-up in the 2010 International Book Awards Competition. It is available from Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Pice $11.95)

CONFESSION: “Maybe if I got out I could mass murder & put new laws. Ive come to live to kill…Ive got the power to do it the madness to carry it out & the dispensation from god.”

“I am the authority & hold dispensation.” (NOTE: He rules his subjects as a mighty monarch world. A dictionary definition of dispensation: “An exemption or release from an obligation or rule, granted by or as if by an authority. To pardon, to forgive.”)

“Yes Im a animal killer or whatever it takes for my own world & the people with me—my knife is so sharp…”

In this part of the letter he focuses on my comment about a violent society: “Do you mean my society or yours—my society is peaceful.”

DON’T PRINT WHAT IS CONFIDENTIAL. He asks me again not to print everything he tells me. He taketh away. Once again I remind him of our agreement. I am the writer. If I am censored I will not continue our journey.

PRAYER OF FELLOW PRISONER: Manson heard a fellow inmate say this prayer out loud one night: “God help me git out so I can start killing them. A-men.”

How CM is suffering: “No sunshine, no radio, visiting friends in handcuffs.”

DISPENSATION: “Ive got dispensation.”

He writes President Ford making the “F” into a swastika.

IN A CHILD’S MIND: “How does it feel to be dealing with a 10 year old brain in a 42 year old skull.”

(RICHARD’S NOTE: The above is a small sample os Manson’s thoughts.)


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