A curious meaning of “white mind”

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

A curious meaning of “white mind”

The Tibetan language has a quixotic expression sem karpo–“white mind.”

It means behind the masks we wear in public, behind our façade lies our true nature, known as the “fairer part of our Self.” That part is radiant and luminescent; it hangs out in the darkest part of our Being.

Our white mind is the fountain of joy. It encourages us to gush forth with merriment and rapture.

One way to gain access to our inner friend is to smile with our eyes. Look into a mirror and gaze at your eyes. Let the eyes smile. I tried it and it works wonders. I did not have to “fake the smile until I make it.”

The eyes—the window to our soul—loves to see us gaze fondly into it. The smile gradually appears. WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE to get in touch with our joyous Self.

Many times I wonder when doing the exercise–who is doing the smiling? Who is changing the expression on my face?

Even though the answer is known, it’s still fun to ponder the questions. Go on, try it. Gaze into your eyes. Look into the window of your soul.


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