Hidden messages from the movie SHARK

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

The movie JAWS was released in 1975r and based on the novel by Peter Benchley.

How true is the saying “there ar different levels of meaning in a film, novel, stage play or poem.” When I saw JAWS I failed to understand the deeper meaning. It wasn’t until I read “CINEMA NIRVANA,” by Dean Sluyter that I became aware of the film’s hidden meanings.

The man character is the Shark. It is always hungry, always on the prey and causes catastrophic suffering to others. The Shark is a metaphor for our ego or small self.

When we wake up to the reality of the higher Self, we come to the realization that our desire for satisfaction by consuming others (o addictions to hatred, jealousy, etc.) cannot be satisfied. The suffering will persist until the realization occurs.

The elusive hidden message is that we can be free from the life-feeding frenzy that drives us.

The ocean (Unconscious) is a metaphor of our mysterious Self. We are swimming in the ocean of Wisdom and Joy.

Courtesy of Dean Shuyter’s “CINEMA NIRVANA—enlightenment from the movies,” Three Rivers Press, NY, 2005.

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