Meet Rubby from Colombia

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I met Rubby Alvarez at one of Monk Pandit’s Monday night soirees. (See Monk Pandit’s blog
When I found out the high-spirited woman is from Colombia I told her that I travel to a remote village high in the mountains of Columbia. The town is called Santa Marta.
Along with thee of my penguin friends, I visit the Martans village six times a year. My penguin entourage and I travel on Thai Airways as they allow penguins to hang out in the cabin with other passengers.
The penguins slurp virgin pina coladas during the long flight. To the delight of the passengers and crews, The penguins give two dance performances, rain or shine.
While visiting he Martans the people always inquire about Rubby. I tell them she continues to thrive in Bangkok.
A curious thing about the Martans is that they speak Thai, not Spanish. Rubby asked me to explain this oddity. I told her a thousand years ago Santa Marta was part of Thailand. A tsunami ripped the town from Thailand and thrust it high in the mountains of Colombia.
Upon returning to Bangkok with the dancing penguins, I always give Rubby a report about mingling with the Martans.
Check out her website:
Check out her surreal photo of Monk Pandit.
Richard da LIAR-hearted


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