Hollywood diplomacy for the Dear Leader

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

The idea is for the White House and State Department to set up a Foreign Policy think tank that has a Humor Diplomacy Dept.

Their first assignment is to dispatch the Humor Diplomats to North Korea for a pow wow with Dear Leader.

BRIEF FLASHBACK: It’s common knowledge that Dear Leader is fond of Hollywood films and the glitter of Hollywood stars. In fact, it’s reported Dear Leader has the biggest film library on the planet. He loves to watch movies.


The State Department’s Humor Diplomatic Corps will include Robert Di Niro, Al Pacino, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Halle Berry, Woody Allen, Angelina Joie and comic Ellen DeGeneres.

When Dear Leader meets the Humor Corps at the airport he will be tickled when he sees all of the delegation are dressed like him–in mechanic jump suits.

At the roast and toast dinner each member of the delegation will roast Dear Leader. Most likely Robert Di Niro and Al Pacino will add physical touch to the roast by gently smacking Dear Leader.

Dear Leader will choose a film for all of them to view in his viewing studio.

After the viewing Woody Allen will direct a fifteen-minute film starring Dear Leader and the Hollywood contingent. There is a two-day rehearsal. Robert Di Niro and Al Pacino are holding Halle Berry and Angelina Joie hostage for $$. To the rescue are Dear Leader, Billy Crystal and Ellen Degeneres.

The purpose of this initial gathering is to soften up Dear Leader. There will be a second visit which will include President Obama and the Hollywood diplomatic corps.


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