Hug the Koran

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

A humor-less Christian group in Florida wants to burn the Koran on September 11. What a bummer. Why not hug the Koran? Why not hug yer mama?

Rumi, the Persian poet (1207-1273) and founder of the whirling dervish dance, was drunk with God-love.

Here is what Andrew Harvey wrote about Rumi’s fascination with the Koran.

“The Koran is human language, shattered into a thousand fragments like a wave shattered against rocks. You feel through the shattering effect left upon the language of the Koran the power of the Divine from which it originated.

“….When you read the Koran. As when you read Rumi the language is constantly stammering at the edge of language—imploding and exploding with cries of joy and pain. ..As Norman O. Brown says, ‘ The Koran displays human language with all the weakness in it becoming suddenly the recipient of the divine word and displaying the frailty before a power which is infinitely greater than man can imagine.’

“He adds this marvelous sentence: ‘The bewilderment is part of the message.’”

To summarize the essence of Andrew Harvey’s thought on the Koran. To understand the Koran is to be the Knower of the divine secret.

Florida group. Hug the Koran. Hug the Bible. Hug a tree. Hug your mama. Don’t forget yer papa.

–Andrew Harvey, “THE WAY OF PASSION—A celebration of Rumi,” North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1994,


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