Dr. Bean is my doctor

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello and double hello,

Before my dialysis session on Thursday (two daze ago), I talked to Dr. Bean. His real name is Dr. Somchai; a kidney specialist, He is the boss of the dialysis section at Bangkok Nursing Hospital (BNH) in Bangkok.

I call him Dr. Bean ‘cuz of his remarkable smile and comical facial expressions, which is reminiscent of Dr. Bean, the TV and movie star.

“Dr. Bean,” I said, “I keep forgetting to tell you that I have had five blackout spells since I began dialysis six weeks ago. The last one was three daze ago. I was in the SkyTrain car when I collapsed.

“The staff revived me with smelling salts. They must have picked me up and placed me on the row of seats. The tram car was empty of passengers.”

I explained to that the staff put me in a wheelchair; made an express run to the first aid station where I was lay down on a bed. When my body trembled from being cold, a heavy blanked covered me. They gave me water; the two men and two women massaged my legs.

It took me an hour to recover from the dizziness. They placed me in a taxi. I told them I love Thailand too much. It took until the following morning for my dizziness and hurt head to recover.

After telling Dr. Bean all that, he said, “One possibility is that too much fluid is being pumped into your body during dialysis. I told the nurses to decrease the amount of fluid.”

“Huh? Is that all there is to the five collapses and blackout spells?”

Dr. Bean’s smile was reminiscent of Dr. Bean, the TV and movie star.

MY NEXT REPORT WILL FOCUS ON WHAT HAPPENED A WEEK LATER. The report will include the results of my ongoing self-hypnosis training to heal the kidney condition.

Adios, fare thee well, be with you zoon, Richard

PS: Send in your comments. No one has commented for a long time. Thank you sooooo much. Richard is signing off again.

  1. Dr. Will, the diagnosis is acute kidney failure. The dialysis is a temporary treatment until my creatinine reaches the normal level of 1.0. The reading two weeks ago was 7.5. Dr. Bean told me if I quit dialysis I will not survive, meaning it’s a good idea to follow medical advice. To expedite the kidney healing I am taking self-hypnosis training. Soon an update will be given to learn the results of the hypnosis. Wishing you bon voyage and a happy trip to the USA. We love Thailand too much.

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  3. Cittasamvaro says:

    sorry to hear the illness is still ongoing, but glad to see your usual chirpy acceptance …
    Keep up with what treatments the Drs give you, and use alternatives only as a secondary aid.

    • Monk Pandit, you’re a computer wizard. How did you get your pic posted? Perhaps a miracle Tomorrow I will post my medical update. I saw Dr. Bean at dialysis yesterday. My update will include a report on my hypnosis treatment. To the dance, cha cha cha

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