The Biggest Room is…

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Room for improvement is the biggest room. That was a line in a TV movie I saw recently. Forgot the name of the flick. Soooo sorry.

I had a 20-minutes talk with Rubby at Monk Pandit’s soiree last Monday eve. Rubby, from Colombia, is the photographer of Monk Pandit’s photogenic photo that is found on my story on the scholarly and inspiring monk.

When the discussion with Rubby was done, I overheard her talking to a German gent. She said to the German gent, “That was the first time I had a serious talk with Richard.”

Rubby, the reason I cannot be serious is because telling the truth makes me ill.

Speaking the truth also makes me dizzy. In udder woids (this is my Noo Yawker tawk) telling da truth is bad for my complexion.

Another downer for tawking truth is that it makes me itch all over. That’s why you see me doing monkey scratching.

Finally, tawking da truth makes me gasp for breath.

This is a final finally—tawking non-truth is therapeutic, meaning it makes me happy.

As mentioned several times, many of my friends call me Richard da LIAR-hearted.

I have no clue why they chose that name as it doesn’t fit me.

  1. Rubby says:

    Ok! Now I understand the reason :-))

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