karma karma karma

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Monk Pandit, the man who steals our negativity, delivered a talk called “The future of karma” during his weekly talk on Thursday eve.

I was unable to attend; however, I pleaded with him to post his presentation on his blog–www.littlebang.wordpress.com

To my delight, Monk Pandit (Sanskrit for ‘Wise’) did post karma karma karma.

I later discovered from several friends who attended the talk that many audience members requested that Monk Pandit post his performance on his blog.

Now his dazzling, sizzling, inspiring, intriguing and written in a humorously and elegant literary manner, is AVAILABLE GLOBALLY, and, I am told, it is also available in the celebrated Book of Records (aka the Akashic Records).

In a clever fashion The Wise Monk tells us what is karma and what is not karma.

(Photo courtesy of Rubby Alvarez)

Enuf said. Go to his blog and enjoy his karma karma karma treat. http://www.littlebang.wordpress.com


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