update 101

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Several people, including Monk Pandit, have asked when the next blog is a comin’.

Answer: Now.

I’m busy working on a new book, Entering The Supernatural. So far I will be reporting on 18 different ways to heighten our awareness, increase our sensitivity, accelerate our insight, be propelled into our mysterious and obliging unconscious mind, have fun playing with our inner universe and dreamin’ the dream that isn’t a dream.

Drop me a line about your method of entering the supernatural state. Notice the “natural” as applied to the supernatural.

So far no word from the potential publisher of my completed book, The Spaghetti Trafficker & Other Bangkok Characters The editor-in-chief has been looking it the manuscript for three weeks. No news is good news..

I will be taking pics of the nursing staff on Friday and post them a day or two later along with my latest adventure with the staff at the Bangkok Nursing Hospital, where I receive dialysis twice a week. I call the 4 ½ hour process “demon-analysis” as there is a dark side to hemodialysis. I met a friend in dialysis. She’s been riding the demon for five years (no kidding, FIVE YEARS). She’s waiting for a kidney transplant. Her story will be incorporated in the upcoming posting.

I did a laughing yoga session with 10-year old school kids last Saturday. I will post pics of the event. The photos will appear in the blog. I violated a Thai taboo during the laugh-in session. The kids and teacher found it hilarious. Ching ching kon thai kii len (it’s true—Thai people are playful).

  1. Lee Bron says:

    Wonderful, Richard! Since you’re getting into the nether regions of a woman’s anatomy, how about the Thai name Pusadee (pronounced ‘pussy-dee’); of course the omnipresent ‘Porn’ so prevalent in Thai names (females only?)


    LeeBron, Other Thai nicknames are Ja-Eh (Peek A Boo). She’s the publisher of Thai Touch at Paiboon Press. There is Rung (Rainbow), a former student in my “Hollywood & the Buddha” class at Mahidol University, Salaya campus. There is the far out name of Fuk-thong (Pumpkin).

    I think ‘Porn’ applies to male and female names.

    • LeeBron, Other Thai nicknames include Ja-Eh (Peek A Boo). This is the name of my publisher at Paiboon Press. There is Rung (Rainbow). She’s a former student in my “Hollywood & the Buddha” class at Mahidol University, Salaya campus.

      I think ‘Porn’ is given to male and female Thais. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Monex says:

    or is in the process of being defeated so that it will retreat and stay out of the patients body — or else mental including psychosomatic . To quote Eliade A first definition of this complex phenomenon and perhaps the least hazardous will be shamanism technique of ecstasy. Commonly a shaman will enter the body of the patient to confront the spirit making the patient sick and heal.

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