my next life

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

In my Thai class the topic of reincarnation came up.

In my next life I want to be a house dawg (maa baan),” I said.

“A house dog,” Jessica gasped.

“Yes, a house dawg.”

“I thought an animal is lower on the evolutionary scale than human,” Jessica said, obviously surprised.

I explained that a dawg’s cup runneth over with love galore. A dawg doesn’t judge. If the dawg’s master is a master criminal the dawg’s love still runneth over.

“If the dawg’s owner is sick,” I said, “the house dawg takes care of him or her. The sick person gets wots of licks.”

I explained that a dawg is an evolved soul, even if it is in the body of a dawg. A house dawg fills the dwelling with love every day. Even when the dawg is sleeping, he still exudes love to all that lives in the house.”

The other students and the teacher had no comment on what they want to be in the next life. I think the Westerners don’t believe in coming back for another performance.

Before the next class I will come early and tawk to the secretaries. There is “A” (her nickname. She was born first, thus “A.”) There is Secretary “B.” Obviously, she was the second born.

I like to banter with them before the class. Kon Thai kii len (Thai people are playful). They banter back.

One of my favorite sayings when I depart from Thai people is gere gun chat naa (see you next life). They reply chat nii (this life). I say “chat naa, bye bye.”

  1. The Beav says:

    Gee, I’d like to come back as ME and do it again.
    Do multiple comebacks and see what happened with each fork in the road.

    Remember Mugsy? Did someone dump him off a bridge and he found his way back home?
    Prooves your statement about dogs not judging.

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