Al Queda, the big loser–

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is an Open Letter to President Obama, nicknamed ‘Ohh-Mama.’

Mr. President I continue to be amazed, mystified, befuddled and surprised that you, your advisors, the US Ambassador to the UN and the Sec’y of State Ms. Clinton have not articulated the obvious—the biggest losers in the Mid-East and North African are Al Queda and the Taliban.

I am also befuddled that leaders of the Republican, Democrats and the Tea Party also have failed to notice the obvious–the biggest losers in the Mid-East and North African outbursts for freedom are Al Queda and the Taliban.

It’s strange how silent Al Queda have been since the wildfire desire for freedom has spread throughout the regions.

The people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan and Syria have made it clear they are not willing to become martyrs for an Al Queda type of government.

It is also strange that the number of suicide bombers trained by Al Queda have been inactive during the siege.

As we know, Kaddafi is fond of saying, “Everybody loves me.”

It is apparent that the French jet fighters love Kaddafi.

The British jet fighters love Kaddafi.

The American Tomahawk missiles love Kaddafi.

The recently-defected Libyan Foreign Minister loves Kaddafi.

The Libyan militants love Kaddafi to death.

CNN and BBC continue to show a Libyan government spokesman who made this quixotic statement, “The allied bombing of Libya is immoral.”
The gent who uttered those words speaks very good English; he has a presentable appearance before the camera. When he talks he is comical but he does not realize that he is projecting his thoughts of the immoral Libyan government.

Mr. President, members of the Tea Party and others who have failed to notice the obvious–the biggest losers in the Mid-East and North African cries for freedom are Al Queda and the Taliban.

I have a modest proposal to make: Step up a psychological campaign to topple Kaddafi. Leaflets were dropped in German cities during WWII allied airborne missions over Germany.

One of the leaflets to be dropped in Tripoli and other government-held cities can contain a picture of Mussolini hanging from his heels. The Libyan supporters will “get the picture” that Kaddafi will suffer the same fate.

Leaflets with pictures of Kaddafi and his sons can fall from the heavens as the Libyan capitol are bombarded. The pics can show Kaddafi and sons hanging from their heels.

A leaflet can show a pic of Adolf Hitler with the caption: “Hitler was determined to let his people die to the last man, woman and child.”

Another leaflet can list the number of Arab nations and African counties that support the toppling of Kaddafi and his sons.

More leaflets with comical illustrations can rain down on Kaddafi supporters.
Indeed, everybody loves Kaddafi, exceptions are Al Queda and the Taliban.

Mr. President Oh-Mama, perhaps you can shout from the rooftops that the best way to fight Al Queda and Taliban terrorists is by supporting the rebels and dissidents in the autocratic regimes, which, by the way, you are doing by sending love sweet love to Kaddafi with Tomahawk missiles, jet fighters and the covert action of the CIA.

The Arabs-in-revolt are truly revolting to their leaders and a blessing to the free world.

Mr. President, when I watch the next CNN & BBC news update I expect to see you on the rooftop saying, “The biggest losers in the domino effect are–”

I pondered the question—What’s the difference between Al Queda, the Taliban and the freedom-loving countries?

The answers: Al Queda and the Taliban represent the Culture of Death. No dancing or singing in the rain. No dancing and no singing in the sunshine or moonlight. Enslavement of women. Alcoholic beverages, forbidden. No zenze of humor.No say in choosing your leaders. No freedom of assembly.

As an expat who enjoys the excitement of Bangkok, I see Muslims on holiday in this cosmopolitan city that is known to as “the Venice of Asia.”
The Muslims on holiday in Bangkok have made a temporary jailbreak from the Culture of Death.

In Bangkok they are seen in pubs, girlie bars, and in massage parlors to partake of “a special massage.” They are partying before returning to their prison cell run by the Al Queda and Taliban wardens. What a grim and grimy torture they suffer until they return to the Culture of Life for a temporary reprieve.

There is another choice open to the prisoners. Break out the shackles and storm the gates…


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