dim Laden, the fishes & the photo flap

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

As the Mafioso like to say, O’Hammer dim Laden is hanging out with the fishes.

Five hours after his Last Supper, the doomed man was hammered. Then, in true Mafioso-style, he was tossed into the depths. The hammer came down on O’Hammer Osama.

Finally, his light went dim until it was extinguished.

O’Hammer’s lightning departure is a good thing. With him there was Devil on Earth.

Without him, Peace on Earth is on its merry way to becoming a reality.

As they say in tennis circles, the ball is in dim Laden’s court, meaning he has to prove that he is not dead.
Evidence can be established by having him rise from his watery grave and walk on water. He will be captured by Somali pirates. Realizing their good fortune, the pirates will hold a press conference and display the resurrected one to the world.

Before having the dead man talkin’ to the paparazzi, the pirates announce an auction will be held, with the prize going to the highest bidder.
Ecstatic that the charismatic founder of the jihad movement has snubbed death, the echelon of Al Queda and the Taliban will have their suicide bombers halt detonating themselves into the holy land. They will sell cookies and tea at kiosks to raise the ransom money.
When the money is raised, the founder of the jihad movement will appear before the paparazzi at the press conference.

When he says, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am here before you. Death cannot touch me. Ha ha.”

At this moment his appearance and statement will convince me that he is not dead.


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