What to do with DONALD TRUMP?

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

As we know, Donald Thump was interviewed recently on the Piers Morgan Show and by Anderson Cooper.

Thump told both TV megastars that Prez O’Mama was incompetent and a weak Prez.

In his blessed boasting manner the Thumper claimed that he could fix what is wrong with the Nation and the World.

He is not bedazzled by the dazzling problems. In light of the Thumper’s ability to set the ship of state on the right course, I suggest he be given the following jobs:

Make Donald Thump the Director of the Ministry of Punishment (the CIA). He will take care of all the bad guys and gals.

Make him the Drug Czar. He will bust the cartels and drug lords in every country on the planet.

Make his the Sheriff of the USA. In this capacity he will take care of the Mafia and the illegal border crossers from Mexico into the USA.

Make him the boss of the Ministry of the Economy. He will make the dollar soooo strong.

Make him boss of the Ministry of Jobs. There will be zero unemployment in two or three months after he takes over.

Make him boss of the Ministry of Transportation. No more potholes in the USA. .

Make the Thumper in charge of the Ministry of Housing. No more homeless on the streets of the USA.

At his coronation we will hail the new American Caesar.

  1. Dear Richard,
    You are suh a wonderful person. You have a sense of humor and you are helpful person. I am so glad to have met you at Dr. Holy Holly’s funeral and get to know you.
    Your positive-looking view on life will enable you to live 200 years or long-er. I know you enjoy living in Thailand. The Land of Smiles, the Land of Fun people.
    Continue writing to help people become happy when they read your articles.
    I am very pleased to know you and I appreciate your writing.
    You are the rock.
    15 May11

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