GUILTY: the ex-IMF boss

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is being written before the ex-IMF boss’ hearing at the grand jury in Manhattan to determine if he is guilty of sexually assaulting a chambermaid in his hotel room.

How do I know that Dominique Strauss-Khan is guilty? Good question. I consulted my mighty PENDULUM.

Following the pendulum protocol, I asked this question: “Is the ex-IMF boss guilty of sexually assaulting the New York City chambermaid?”
The pendulum swung to and fro, which means Yes.

My friend Jeanne (not her real name) wanted to know if she should continue her fling with Joel. I asked pendulum 5 questions.
1. Are Jeanne & Joel physically compatible?
Answer: Yes, which means they enjoy sex.
2. Are they emotionally compatible?
3. Are they mentally compatible?
4. Are they spiritually compatible?
5. Should they get married?
A resounding No.
Jeanne asked for my advice. ‘Enjoy your sexual and emotional relationship with Joel,’ I said.

You can check this story out on a search engine. Verne Cameron was tested by the US Navy. He claimed he could locate the navy’s nuclear subs. By using is pendulum he not only located the subs, he also located the Russian nuke subs.

The South African government wanted to hire Verne to locate mineral deposits in S. Africa. The US State Dept denied issuing him a passport. They claimed he was a security risk.
In the Vietnam War the US Army located enemy mines, ammo depots and tunnels by using the pendulum.


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