Locating Kaddafi & Al Queda’s leader

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Col. Kaddafi spent last nite (June 16) hiding out in a hospital in Tripoli. The name of the hospital is known. Kaddafi’s hiding places can be updated.
The new Al Queda leader is hiding out in Yemen.
This info is provided by my Truth Machine—a crystal pendulum whose name is Knowing Nose (KN). It is Knowing Knows’ job to sniff out the truth.
In the 1950s Verne Cameron informed the US Navy that he could locate the exact location of America’s nuclear subs. The navy whisked him to its HQ. Verne, with the aid of the mighty pendulum, pinpointed with accurate precision the location of America’s nuclear subs.
Verne also found the precise locations of the then-Soviet Union’s nuclear subs.
The South African government wanted to hire Verne Cameron to locate precious minerals in S. Africa. The U.S. State Department disapproved his passport application, stating that Verne Cameron was a threat to the United States interests.
In the Vietnam War the mighty pendulum located Viet Cong ammo supply dumps, mine fields and hidden tunnels. All this and more are documented in the book, PENDULUM POWER—a mystery you can see, a power you can feel by Greg Nielsen & Joseph Polansky.
Documentation is also found in multiple ‘net sites.
A gent from India wanted to know if he will win the lottery. KN’s answer: No.
The gent wanted to mangle and strangle Knowing Nose.
In the next week or two I will cite instances how Knowing Nose was used to answer peoples’ questions. Examples: two women wanted to know the gender of their babe-in-womb. One woman already knew the gender. The cunning woman tried to trick KN. Example: is a relationship with one’s boyfriend/girlfriend toxic?

Stay tuned.


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