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Charles Manson’s Blood Letters:
Dueling with the Devil

Richard Rubacher
0 Reviews
iUniverse, 2009 – 132 pages
“Both Rubacher and Manson are brilliant, intuitive, half-mad artists and psychologists/manipulators…only God knows why one uses his energy and talent for good and why one wastes it in evil. Rubacher is on to something.” San Francisco Chronicle “Rubacher’s journey to the heart of darkness was not without travail. During the two years he corresponded with Manson, Rubacher says, he endured threats from members of the family and from Manson. Manson ordered several family members to pay menacing visits to Rubacher at his home.” Sacramento Bee “RR, I may let you live. Then again, maybe not. Sweet dreams.” Charles Manson “The author has incredible courage or is mad to involve himself with the psychopathic killer.” Lawrence McLoughlin, Speakers Bureau, Pattaya Expats Club, Thailand “Charlie Manson is one of the most intriguing personalities in law enforcement history. To study him is to confront evil at its worst.” Ret. Lt. H. Sigworth, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
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Selected pages

Page 77

Page 80

Page 79

Page 96

Page 95
How It All Began

Manson Sends Hail Mary

Manson Confesses In His Own Words

Manson And Timothy Leary

Mansons First Letter

Poor Little Rich Boys Letter



Common terms and phrases
½ in paper 1976 from Vacaville asked August 13 August 20 baby bandana blonde book brain broke no law Bugliosi cell Charles Manson Charlie’s Child’s Mind CM’s coffee confession CRIME FACTORY cuffed Dennis Rice different dispensation door effect Elf’s eyes family members favorite word fear find fire first flat floor fucked Gentry girls giveth guards guitar Hail Mary hand hate mail Helter Skelter Hitler inmate interview kecit kill for love killer LAPD legal-sized paper Leslie Van Houten live look Lorraine Lyn Fromme Manson Talk Manson women Manson wrote Mudda Fukka NOTE O’Donnell off office Officer Stanley pages on legal-sized parole person play postcard prison reflect reporter Richard Rubacher San Francisco San Quentin Sharon Tate smoke Susan Atkins tell Terry Melcher There’s thought Timothy Leary told Tough Dude Vacaville Prison What’s woman writes
Places mentioned in this book Maps KML
Vacaville – Page 7
San Quentin, Folsom and Vacaville. He’s rotated every two years to one of the three. Officials told me this is done to protect the mass murderer from …
more pages: 40 43 45 46 47 49 51 53 55 62

Rockaway Beach, NY – Page 101
Brother Stanley was convicted of killing a sailor in a Rockaway Beach, NY bar. He was a teenager at the time. He served his time and was released from …
Hillsborough, CA – Page 24
There was a letter from a rich teenage boy in Hillsborough, CA., a posh, upscale city in the San Francisco Bay Area. …
Broad Channel, NY – Page 102
Brother Beaver, living in Broad Channel, NY, was a station engineer on the New York City subway system. He kept the trains running until he retired. …
Chowchilla, CA – Page 100
As of this writing (April 2009) she is in a prison hospice in Chowchilla, CA. Manson, an entrepreneur, made Manson paper dolls and sold them for $2000 …
Lockport, NY – Page 100
I followed him during one of his rounds in the business district of Lockport, NY Epilog & Next Work.
Buffalo – Page 101
Janice is responsible for rescuing Brother Gary from the halfway house in Buffalo, which he hated. Janice had him transferred to a convalescent.
Brooklyn – Page 104
I rode the subway through the bad bad sections of Brooklyn to find out the effect the film had. The full details of Forrest Gump’s effect on New …
more pages: 102

San Francisco – Page 31
I drove the ninety miles from San Francisco to the California Correctional Facility at Vacaville. I made sure I did not break any speed records. …
more pages: 28 65 66 93

Sacramento – Page 26
While in prison Manson introduced Tough Dude to Lorraine, who lived in Sacramento. She visited Tough Dude in prison. They clicked. …
more pages: 30

About the author (2009)
Rubacher hosted a weekly radio program on Reverse Speech.
Bibliographic information

Title Charles Manson’s Blood Letters: Dueling with the Devil
Author Richard Rubacher

Edition 2
Publisher iUniverse, 2009
ISBN 1440139601, 9781440139604
Length 132 pages
Subjects True Crime


Serial Killers

Biography & Autobiography / Criminals & Outlaws
Serial murderers
Social Science / Criminology
True Crime / Murder / Serial Killers

Export Citation

Charles Manson’s Blood Letters:
Dueling with the Devil

Richard Rubacher
0 Reviews


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