my Gaddafi Halloween costume

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

There were several comments on my Gaddafi costume.

Nicholas in San Francisco, in his email, said I was the Master of Disguise.

Michele, in a Thai beach resort, emailed me, saying that I was a true Gadaffi look-alike.

Monk Mick’s comment is posted in the dashboard section.

AFTER THE HALLOWEEN PARTY, about three in the morning, I visited an infant care center in Bangkok.

The infants range from three months to one year.

The dreams of the Thai babies are monitored by the staff.

When the babies saw me dressed in my Gaddafi costume they interrupted their morning milk and chanted in a clear voice,

“Teachers, it’s the Gadaf.”

They repeated the chant several times.

A five-month old girl baby, Noi, asked me who made the Gadaf costume for me.

I told her this is not a costume. I’m the real Gadaf.

Noi didn’t believe me. She said I was a Master of Disguise.

I fooled the others but not clever Noi.

HERE IS THE ORIGINAL STORY: I went to a party on Halloween Eve dressed at the Gadaf.

I looked like the Gadaf soooo much that people thought they were seeing a ghost.

All the Thai babies I came across on the streets and the Sky Train weren’t scared. They said in Thai, “Mum,

My Gaddafi Halloween caption

it’s the Gadaf.”

In Thai I said, “Smart babies.”

Several of my friends were at the party. None of them believed it was me disguised as the Gadaf.

When I tawkled they knew it was me, not the Gadaf.

Next Halloween I will keep my yapper zippered.

  1. phramick says:

    Ahhh! Look Ma!!! It’s Gadaffi Rubacher!!

    See you Friday at Taipan 😀

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