“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

“Life is too serious to be taken seriously.” Richard Rubacher

“To suffer is to suffer.” Woody Allen

“Without a sense of humor life is not funny.” Wavy Gravy

No gloom and doom stuff here

Master of Laughter video
The “you know” verbal virus and epidemic
I am a snow baby
My three daze from death
A curious meaning of “white mind”
Smile with your eyes
The vagina tree in Thailand
Hidden meanings in the movie
The first Hamas Laugh-In
Sex and the City, THAI STYLE (chapter from Thai Touch)
Table of Contents,Thai Touch
Using Hollywood diplomacy for the Dear Leader
Charles Manson’s Blood Letters–my encounter with the psychopathic killer
My favorite Thai nicknames
My favorite tango music Argentine tango dance with Lek in “Tasty Thailand,” video
Cha cha dance to music of Santana, found in Master of Laughter video
Hollywood and the Buddha
Who said this: Groucho or the Gospel?
Sex and the Bible, 1
The body becomes a bed of flowers
What is hell?
My Thai girlfriend
Meet Monk Pandit
My research assistant
Meet Rubby Fron Columbia




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