Thai Touch

The good and bad about Thailand are told with a comic touch.



Welcome to the Magical Kingdom of Thailand

The Thai government & Thai breasts

John Wayne Bobbitt & ‘the Bangkok haircut’

Sex and the City goes Thai

Miracle Milk

The Forrest Gump of Thailand

The Mystery of the Jumbo Queen

Thailand’s Spiritual Banker

The Sex Baron & the Beauty Shop Owner

My Thai girlfriend

Massage parlors

Bargirls and the pendulum

The Sunday Social Club in Pattaya

The Saturday Social Club in Pattaya

Thailand’s Magnificent Musical Monarch

The book is available thru Amazon, Borders, Barnes&Noble and the publisher in Berkeley CA., Paiboon Publishing

See sample chapter , “Sex and the City, THAI STYLE”

Charles Manson’s Blood letters

See Manson material

The book was runner-up in the 2010 International Book Awards Competition. It is available thru Amazon and for $11.95



How it all began

First Manson letter

Second Manson letter

First showdown: enter Elf, Manson’s commando with a hidden agenda

Second showdown: Manson sense Hail Mary to my San Francisco flat

Third showdown: Tough Dude, Manson’s hit man, visits me to retrieve all of Manson’s letters to me

Meeting Manson in the prison nuthouse

Manson confesses in his own words

Manson and Timothy Leary

Manson and Geraldo

Ten appendices

Photo gallery




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