Thai nicknames

As many of us know, Thai people are playful (kon thai kii len). This is evident in the nicknames parents give to their children.

Top of the list and number one is
1. Monk Coconut (Pratow). Eric is from San Diego. He came to Thailand to be ordained as a Buddhist monk. He heard the Thai penchant for nicknames.

2. Muu Muu (Pig Pig). It’s the name of my filmmaker friend, Muu Muu. I call him Muu Muu Pig Pig. One day he said, “Richard, don’t call me Muu Muu Pig Pig.”
I said, “What you want me to call you?”
Muu Muu Pig Pig said, “Call me Muu Muu.”
I said, “Ok Muu Muu.” Then I turned away from him and whispered, “Pig Pig.

3. Ay (Shy). She told me her mom said, “I was too shy to come out.”

4. Beer. That’s her name, Beer. Her mom and dad met at a karaoke bar. They became drinking buddies. They married. When the baby was born they were jubiliant and named her you-know-what.

5. M. That’s his name—M. He’s named after his father’s M Import Export Co.

6. Gop (Frog)

7. Muoy She’s a waitress in a restaurant. I kept calling her Muoy. A Thai gent came to my table and told me the waitress’ name is Oy, not Muoy. He told me Muoy means Pubic Hair. He pointed out Oy was too shy to correct me.

8. Jim. She’s a nurse in the hemodialysis unit at Bangkok Nursing Hospital. If I say Jim in the wrong tone it means “Pussy.’

9. Suk (Happy). That’s a nurse’s name in the dialysis unit. It’s also the name of a fab tango dancer.

10. Tick Tock, a nurse in the dialysis unit.

11. Ping Pong, a waitress at Via Vai Restaurant on Sukhumvik Soi 8 in Bangkok.

Let me know other Thai nicknames. Thank you soooooo much.


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